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Seacoast Community School Friends and Families, 

As we continue our journey to find our new normal after the pandemic, we hold on to the connections with those who support us and help us develop through life. The importance of having a safe, reliable, and affordable place for childcare is critical to our community. Seacoast Community School (SCS) has proven to go above and beyond to meet the needs of, and care for, our family. 

As two working parents, Anthony and I are acutely aware of how crucial reliable childcare is to our careers, our family structure, our children’s development and frankly all of our sanity. SCS has taken such wonderful care of all three of our children. There is no greater comfort than knowing your children are not only safe, fed and looked after but also in an environment they love with teachers they adore. Our two-year-old routinely asks if school is open on weekend mornings, and often complains (“But I want to see Miss Karen!!”) when we tell her it’s closed. While it’s never fun to disappoint a child, those moments make the occasional hard drop-off or long work week so much easier to manage. Our two older children have summer birthdays, and in deciding whether to start them in kindergarten or hold them back a year, the idea of being able to give them the gift of an extra year at SCS factored heavily into our decisions. 

As Seacoast Community School kicks off their annual fundraising efforts, our family is committed to supporting the school. It’s hard to ask for money in such uncertain times, especially after nearly three years of tumultuous change since the beginning of the pandemic. Prices are rising across the board, and particularly quickly for many essentials like food and fuel. To our family, Seacoast Community School is an absolute necessity, and we feel so fortunate every time we leave our children in their care. We are pledging to increase our donation from last year to reflect the rising costs we are all facing, which Seacoast Community School is facing as well. If you are able, please do the same. If you didn’t give last year, please consider making a gift this year. Every donation helps. 

Seacoast Community School is a nonprofit organization that provides exceptional care as a result of the generosity of our community. These supporters are a direct result of the programs offered by SCS including various tuition scholarship programs, educational growth for employees, along with enrichment and educational programing for all children. Each donation directly impacts the life of a child.


Emily and Anthony Wilson (Parents of Julian, Rose and Eve)