September 12, 2022

Dear Seacoast Community School Families,

We are writing with another brief COVID update. We wanted to inform families of our updated
protocols and help answer some of the most common questions that families may have. Our protocols have been formed in light of the CDC, Federal, and NH State policies and guidelines regarding COVID19 , as well as the COVID19 situation in our region. Please see our most current  COVID Policy  here at the school.

Here are some common questions and answers along with links to the CDC in regards to best

When do I need to test my child?
Children should be tested (rapid test is fine) if they have been exposed to COVID at home or at school OR if they are experiencing COVID symptoms AND the CDC is also now recommending testing on day 6 after an exposure. A negative test result will be needed for the child to return to school. SCS may ask that you label the COVID test with the date and your child’s name and send a copy to Alicia Tonelli, Jessica DuBois or Beccy Daly. This helps us track and monitor the COVID status of each room and the center.

What are the restrictions?
Our policy on masking, and testing is dependent on many factors. See the table below for our updated COVID protocol.

If your child was exposed regardless of location (school, home, public, etc)

What if my child tests positive?
If your child tests positive we ask that you notify SCS immediately via email or phone call.

Your child will need to stay out for a minimum of 5 days. If your child has a mild or asymptomatic case he/she may be able to return on day 6 with the ability to mask efficiently and symptoms are improving through day 10. If the student is unable to mask they will need two negative tests 48 hours apart in order to return prior to day 10. Any moderate to severe case will need a return to care note from your family doctor.

For more information on isolating see this link from the CDC
For more information on exposure see this link from the CDC