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“The tuition scholarships I receive from Seacoast Community School have been a big help. I had been barely making it. I am a single father and that little bit of support helps me to achieve some other goals for my household. Seacoast Community School considers the child's best interests. It is not their job to go the extra mile, but they do and that has made a world of difference.”

– Kindergarten Program Parent


Did you know...

Current research on the economic impact of child care in New Hampshire shows that for every dollar spent, quality early learning yields $17 to our state, increases tax revenues, and lowers costs for special education, welfare, and crime. This comes as no surprise to us, as we have seen thousands of children graduate from our program who go on to become happy, healthy, and contributing members of our community.

We work closely with the Department of Health and Human Services; the Division of Children, Youth, and Families; Child and Family Services; and the City of Portsmouth Social Services and Community Development Departments to accept referrals and provide financial assistance and support for families in need. We are also a United Way partner and organize an “Adopt a Family” Holiday Drive for approximately 20 families each year.

Additionally, privately funded SELF scholarships, and emergency scholarships—made possible by the generosity of our donors—allow us to assist families who might otherwise not be able to afford quality education for their children during this crucial time of development and learning.

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