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PEAK (Program for Elementary Age Kids): Kindergarten


The year your child begins public kindergarten is often a very busy and exciting time for parents. Our program allows your child to cultivate friends, be physically active, and participate in school readiness activities in a safe, enriching, and extended learning environment.

Our teachers blend their expert knowledge of child development with individual interests to stimulate and engage each child and instill a sense of independence, responsibility, and intellectual curiosity. Activities complement those shared during the school day, and are important contributions to your child’s cognitive and social/emotional success in school and in life.

Programming is available for children who attend public school during the day. 

Morning program: 7:00am– start of school (at Dondero and Little Harbour only)

Dondero and Little Harbour have two afternoon options: School dismissal- 4:30pm or School dismissal-600pm

Afternoon program: School dismissal-6:00pm  (All PEAK sites: New Franklin, Dondero, Little Harbour and Greendland Central School)

Offering care on school days, many school closing days, vacation weeks and summer.